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We will provide a quality preschool experience
that helps your child develop physically, socially,
intellectually and emotionally.

Hello. My name is Becky Weaver.                 

I am the owner and primary teacher at Play With Me Preschool. I have been in the child development field since 2002 and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento. I am certified in CPR and have also completed the state nutrition guidelines training and state licensing program. I have two children of my own and a grandson. I opened Play With Me Preschool because I love children and I love teaching. I promise to nurture your child as if he or she was my own.


Why Have A Preschool In My Home?

While finishing school, it was a dream of mine to operate my own preschool.  Operating a preschool in my home provides a flexible, comfortable, loving home environment with the structure and routine that a typical preschool provides.

My Philosophy

I believe that all children deserve love, attention, and nurturing. I believe that a safe environment allows children to explore and grow. At Play With Me Preschool, we allow children to have hands-on learning experiences. This fosters age appropriate development. We read to the children everyday. We believe that positive reinforcement is important for children to develop self-esteem. Children need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning. Most importantly, however, I believe that children need to have fun! At Play With Me Preschool, we will have learning groups, read stories, celebrate with parties, field trips, puppet shows, and play lots of exciting games! Children learn best from experiencing the world around them. Play With Me Preschool is not a day care facility. We aren't here to watch TV or be a babysitter. You can be assured that your child will be involved on a daily basis with educational activities from reading and writing, to listening and acting out stories, as well as enjoying the company of other children.

Parent Support
At Play With Me Preschool we recognize that you have a difficult schedule and so we try to support parents the best we can. We offer different classes and times, in the morning and afternoon, so that your schedule can be accommodated. We recognize the importance of work, and the stress and demands placed on parents. We strive to make it easier on parents by giving them the knowledge that their children are in good hands.

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