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Play With Me Preschool
 provides a safe, loving educational environment for children. We accept children from potty-trained to 5 years of age (pre-kindergarten). We play developmentally appropriate lessons, games and activities.   

Mission Statement

Parents are the primary teachers of their children.  Our mission is to support parents in this role with a program that is developmentally appropriate and a commitment to developing a sense of respect, responsibility and love for learning within each child.  We embrace the concept that children learn best through play and hands-on experiences.  That is why I chose the name “Play With Me Preschool”.


What Classes Are Available? 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 8:30-11:30 Fabulous Fours (Pre-K) AM Program
Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 12:00-3:00 Fabulous Fours (Pre-K) PM Program
Tuesday/Thursday – 8:30-11:30 Thrilling Threes AM Program

Tuesday/Thursday – 12:00-3:00 Thrilling Threes PM Program

Fabulous Fours (Pre-K) Program  

Our Pre-K program is designed for children who will be old enough to attend Kindergarten the following school year.  This generally means they need to turn four by September 1st to enroll in this class.  These children will have programs designed specifically for them to discover concepts necessary for reading, writing, math, science, concentration, staying on task, following directions, large and small motor skill development and socially appropriate behavior in a classroom.

Thrilling Threes Program

Our 2-day program is created as an introduction to a social environment.  It is designed to give your child a gentle, protected environment and to let them try out their emerging social skills.  Staff will guide them in appropriate behavior while still letting them interact and develop their own personalities.  Children will be introduced to games, stories and different art mediums as well as color and shape recognition.  Teachers will plan a learning environment that fosters self-esteem, cooperation, a sense of community, children’s initiative, and an active exploration of materials.

Our curriculum is designed around weekly themes which are communicated through each aspect of our day. We strive to maintain a balance between: child-directed and teacher directed activities, structure and flexibility, group needs and individual needs and program goals and children’s interests.

  • Free Play:  dramatic role playing, puppetry, individual pretend play, dress up, blocks, and other free choice items.
  • Circle time:  story telling, calendar and weather, alphabet, shapes, numbers and counting, colors, opposites, rhymes.
  • Art time:  painting, cutting, gluing, collages, chalk, markers, and crayons using a variety of materials and textures.
  • Physical activities:  outside play includes riding bikes, basketball, climbing structure with slide, outdoor play house, chalk, balls, hula hoops, sandbox, planting/gardening and other organized games.
  • Music Time:  singing, instrument play, rhythm sticks, musical games and rhyming chants or finger plays.
  • Table Time:  puzzles, Play-doh, manipulatives, sorting, beading, patterning and organized table games.

We use Zoo-phonics to introduce letter names and sounds. Zoo-phonics is a “reading readiness” program that teaches the alphabet using animal characters, sounds, and body movements.  Zoo-phonics is a kinesthetic experience and involves their eyes, mouth, ears and body.  One of the workbooks we will use is Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills which introduces Basic Skills along with Reading, Writing and Math Readiness Skills and supports the Zoo-phonics Program.


At Play With Me Preschool we believe in teaching respect and responsibility by modeling the behavior we expect to see.  We believe that listening when others are speaking and speaking in polite and respectful tones will encourage children to do the same.  Responsibility is modeled by cleaning up after ourselves and taking responsibilities for our own actions.  Children will learn continuously as they explore their own environment and as we arrange carefully planned play areas to help children explore different themes.


Registration Fee/Enrollment:

The registration and materials fee is $125.  This fee serves as a deposit to hold your child’s space in the program and confirms our purchase of supplies.  The registration fee is non-refundable and does not apply to your monthly tuition.  If for any reason placement cannot be made at Play With Me Preschool this registration fee will be refunded and you will be given the option of being added to our waiting list.  The registration fee will not be refunded for any reason if placement is granted.  Students who are currently enrolled (and their siblings) will have priority admission for the following school year if enrolled prior to the established deadline.  After that, enrollment will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.


$325/month – Fabulous Fours (Pre-K) AM Program
$325/month - Fabulous Fours (Pre-K) PM Program

$225/month – Thrilling Threes AM Program
$225/month - Thrilling Threes PM Program

Multiple child discount available 


Summer Programs

Summer Programs are available!  Send us a message for more information.


                                             Nurturing, Stimulating and Educational
                                                 ABCs - 123s and More




Play With Me Preschool is a licensed and Sacramento County approved facility.

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